Travel Aware: Staying Safe & Healthy

There’s lots going on in this fast moving world and we all need to play our part in keeping safe whether at home or on holiday. Travel is exciting and we all look forward to having fun on our holidays but there’s no harm in keeping informed by viewing the latest Foreign Office advice for the country or countries you are visiting.

Coronavirus and 2020 Holiday Bookings Update

The Coronavirus is unprecedented and advice from the Government and ABTA our trade body have been changing daily.

We realise many of you will have concerns at this time, which given the current situation is totally understandable.

What is increasingly likely is that a number of our holidays and short breaks over the next few weeks WILL HAVE TO BE CANCELLED. The extent of these cancellations may not be fully known for some time as the Government continue to move the goal posts in a bid to contain the virus.

We would ask that for the time being you refrain from contacting us in relation to the cancellation of holidays. This will free up our team to make contact with customers due to travel imminently. Please bear with us and be patient – there are only a few of us but thousands of you.

Although it may not necessarily be evident there is an awful lot of work going on behind the scenes while we grapple with the many different and complex issues we are facing as a result of this crisis. We promise that over the coming days and weeks we will communicate with everybody who’s trips are affected in as timely way as possible and advise you of the options open to you.

Our dedicated team, who love this business and our loyal guests, are committed and equal to the challenges that lay ahead. We know there is a lot of frustration out there regarding the lack of concrete answers from us, but this is not because we are reluctant to give it, it’s just that there are so many things we simply do not know ourselves at this stage. Please bear this in mind and be kind and respectful to the person when you call. Remember they may well be dealing with personal challenges of their own at the moment along with working long hours above and beyond usual in order to help our customers in these challenging times.

Until such time as we are able to contact you personally we would like to assure you that your wellbeing is our number one priority. With this in mind we promise that we will not operate any holidays or breaks when it is deemed unsafe or not in your interest for us to do so as advised by the Government.

It goes without saying that after 23 years in business and having met a lot of you personally on our cruises, holidays and at our party break events we consider you as friends. We wish you and your families all the very best. Take care and Stay safe.


For further information you can visit:

We do ask that you remain patient and bear with us. We will contact you in the event we need to cancel or make changes to your holiday arrangements.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office also provides the following Travel Aware Essentials:


  • Passport – Check your passport’s validity date, fill out the emergency details, look after it and keep it in a safe place.
  • Documents – Make copies of important travel documents. Take a picture or make copies of them and store them securely.
  • Vaccinations and health – Check if vaccinations are required for your destination. For medical advice, visit
  • Money – Take enough money with you and make sure you have access to emergency funds.
  • Make the right call – Be responsible and find out how British embassy staff can help you in an emergency abroad:
  • Research – Learn the laws, customs and entry requirements of your destination, understand how they differ from home, check:
  • Visa – Check you have all necessary visas.
  • Travel insurance – Take out appropriate travel insurance that covers you for all the activities you plan to do.
  • EHIC – If you’re travelling in Europe, ensure you have a valid European Health Insurance Card and understand what it covers. You still need travel insurance! For your free EHIC visit:

We recommend visiting the following websites:

The advice for both sites can change so check regularly for updates.